Episode 5: LIVE with Angela Tucker

In the first live episode of Shotgun Griot, filmmaker Angela Tucker shares stories about working in the film industry with honesty and humor.   Episode produced in collaboration with Afrofuture Society. Recorded in Three Keys at... Read More

Episode 3: Dominic Minix, “A Living Music”

In this episode of Shotgun Griot, composer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dominic Minix speaks about his development as a musician and shares his unique vision for his sound. Music: “Figure of Speech (Numb Me Now),” Dominic Minix... Read More

Episode 2: AF THE NAYSAYER, “Don’t Settle”

In this episode of Shotgun Griot, beat maker AF THE NAYSAYER tells stories about discovering video game soundtracks, creating the Dolo Jazz Suite, and why he loves to teach.   Music: “Sunday,” AF THE NAYSAYER... Read More

Episode 1: Blaze Like Fyre, “I Shoot What I See”

In the first episode of Shotgun Griot, Blaze Like Fyre describes life as a photographer, videographer, and digital media producer. Images of Blaze’s work are available in the Gallery. Photo Credit: Upendo Na Kushindana, InterworldFilmz  ... Read More