THESE WALLS: Confronting White Supremacy and Xenophobia

September 19, 2017

Join Shotgun Griot for an intimate artist talk with New Orleans photographers Abdul Aziz and Rolando Palacio.

THESE WALLS is a discussion of identity and resistance in the context of white supremacy and racist immigration policy. The artists will speak on their personal processes and artistic visions as they share their documentary photographs.

Abdul Aziz, a freelance New Orleans-based photojournalist, brings a rich background in documenting global communities from the Middle East to Africa, Asia, and conflicts in the United States. He has worked in documentary filmmaking worldwide for over a decade chronicling social issues related to race, exploitation of indigenous cultures, and unfair labor practices. He also produced the award winning documentary “Member of the Club”, a film about Black debutante society and culture in New Orleans. His work has been featured in multiple exhibitions, and print and media publications. Additionally his work has been used as an educational and promotional tool in the local and global social justice community. He is currently secretary of the Board of Directors for the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights, Vice President of the Board of a Charter School in New Orleans, and an active board member of Ground Work New Orleans.

Rolando Palacio was born in 1983 of Mexican immigrant parents. For most of his life he traveled throughout the U.S. as a farm laborer which directly impacts his art and the way he views the world. As a child his introduction to the arts begin through a summer youth program that provided schooling for migrant youth with the goal of attracting them to education rather than agricultural labor. In 2010, Palacio received his BFA from Michigan State University. Subsequent to that he attended the Art and Design Masters program at the University of Michigan where he received his MFA. He presently resides in the New Orleans area where he continues to document the Latina/o experience.

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